About Loyal-Expanz

This business, established in 1994 as Maleplas International, has a growing portfolio of satisfied customers with whom we do repeat business.

We currently import and distribute a wide range of grades of expandable polystyrene (EPS), engineering plastics and other light weight materials, as raw materials or finished products. We have very good knowledge of EPS raw materials, - how they are made, how they should process as well as machinery know-how through our machinery agencies.

We are an SME, focussed on growth of our polymer and machinery portfolio as well as our geographic reach. We continuously look for opportunities to add to our existing core business and competencies aiming to grow our revenues in three ways:

We are growth orientated and seek opportunities for organic growth as well as entertaining opportunities that might arise through M&A.

  • Seeking new agencies and customers to join our business to create organic growth
  • Looking to employ or establish a business relationship with people that have proven commercial /sales skills with strong supplier and customer relationships
  • Identifying strategic acquisitions

Since 2007, the staff at Loyal-Expanz have been selected to enable the business to position itself for growth,  ensuring experience and talent in the key disciplines of Supply Chain, Customer Service, Sales, Technical and Finance.

The expertise we have developed includes:

  • Procurement – purchasing a range of products to meet manufacturer or end-user specifications at competitive prices
  • Logistics imports – managing the importation and distribution of our imports with freight forwarders and transport providers, primarily around Australia and New Zealand, to ensure a timely and reliable service that is provided in a transparent manner to avoid nasty surprises
  • Logistics exports – Our network of contacts enables us to operate as exporters of products as easily as importers
  • Communication – we pride ourselves in keeping our customers informed anticipating needs and resolving problems
  • Value for Money – the sum of our offerings is aimed at trying to offer the best solutions, with the most appropriate products or services in a cost effective and timely manner
  • Managing spot and forward contracts on foreign exchange exposures purchasing in USD, Euro and NZD and selling AUD, USD and NZD
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Our Team

Managing Director
Nigel Ash

Nigel became Managing Director of Loyal-Expanz in Q1, 2019 after Expanz International and Polymac were acquired by Loyal Group. Nigel has a Chem Eng training and worked in the plastics and petrochem industry for Monsanto, Chemplex and Huntsman supporting business and customer relationships around Australia and New Zealand.
In 2007, Nigel acquired the Maleplas business which he grew and transformed in the lead up to it becoming Loyal-Expanz International in March 2019.Nigel actively supports the EPS industry association known as EPSA, holding the role of Vice President since July 2009.Outside of work his time is spent supporting his wife and two daughters whilst trying to fit in social activities such as Golf, travel and catching up with family around Australia and UK.

Commercial Director
Graham Attwood

Graham joined Loyal-Expanz in January 2020. He has over 35 years’ experience in the plasticsand chemicals industries both in Australia and the UK. Graham has held senior management roles in manufacturing, commercial and technical areas for a number of organisations including Unilever, Great Lakes Chemical, ICI, Orica, PacificBBA and Huntsman.
For much of the past 20 years Graham has been focused on EPS including raw material manufacturing and downstream moulding operations including Huntsman, RMAX and Andpak.
Graham is a past President of EPSA serving as the inaugural President from July 2009 to June 2012 and retains a detailed involvement in the Industry Association.
Graham graduated from Manchester University with an Honours degree in Chemical Engineering. He holds a post-graduate Diploma in Operations Management and is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.                     
In his downtime, Graham plays competition soccer and enjoys playing guitar with a local band.

Admin & Supply Chain Assistant
Yvonne Yan

Yvonne joined Loyal – Expanz in October 2021. She is dedicated and has over 18 years working experience in different fields. Her diverse experience is a combination of fleet management, business analysis, safety operation, internal control, administration and bookkeeping. After 8 years working for ExxonMobil in various roles, she moved from China to Australia to focus on her young family. She then refined her career to administration and bookkeeping to Australian standard. Yvonne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a certificate in Accounting and Bookkeeping and is a multi-language speaker. She loves to spend time with her family and especially enjoys travelling and hiking.

Supply Chain Manager
Cheng Jiang

Cheng joined Loyal-Expanz in 2010 to support back-office activities; finance and logistics. From college graduate to a now experienced manager, Cheng has worked in a variety of roles including customer support, foreign currency, domestic transport and recently focusing on international supply chain. Learned most of his skills and knowledge here over the last 10 years, Cheng is planning to continue his journey with L-E in the future. His energy, humour, and sometimes different perspective are greatly appreciated. Off work, Cheng enjoys spending time with family, playing with his dog and cat and looking for food over the weekend.

Victor Widjaja

Victor joined Loyal-Expanz in August 2021. Victor is a qualified accountant with more than 10 years’ experience having worked in a variety of accounting and finance roles in the media, automotive and manufacturing sectors. Married with three children, Victor enjoys spending time with his family and dining out on weekends.