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Loyal Group is a leading manufacturer of EPS (Expandable Polystyrene Bead).
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Loyal-Expanz was formed in 2019 when Loyal Group acquired the Expanz International business

  • Loyal Group – A Friend in Your Life  is a leading manufacturer of EPS in Taiwan and China, having started in the 1970’s.
  • Expanz International and its predecessor had been Loyal’s agent for 25 years.

We continue to represent the interests of EPS moulders and processors in Australia and New Zealand through raw material representation from SH Energy (Sth Korea) and Sunpor from Austria.

Our position and commitment to the Australia and NZ markets has been significantly strengthened, by becoming an overseas subsidiary of Loyal’s EPS manufacturing business. However, we recognise the importance of our supply partners SH Energy and Sunpor whose range we support and wish to grow. We are here to support our customers and supply partners in the ANZ market for the long term. Whilst we regard ourselves as the ‘EPS Specialists’, we also offer other plastic raw materials such as GPPS/HIPS and specialty chemicals.

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At Loyal-Expanz we offer:

Technical Know-How

Strong technical know-how locally for raw material selection and equipment processing discussions

Supply Partners

Our know-how is bolstered by our supply partners and Loyal’s manufacturing divisions

Supply Chain Solutions

Multiple supply chain solutions

International Network

Our strong international network of suppliers


A proven passion for excellence

Our track record since 1994 has been bolstered by Loyal’s acquisition in 2019, with Local and Asian support to provide:

Excellent Communications
Value for
Process Troubleshooting